Dirty Tank Top Worn For Many Days While Camping

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Status: For auction on Ebanned – Bids starting at $50


While camping last August, I wore this tank top for a few days in a row, and can you imagine how dirty and sweaty it got? I also had sex while wearing it and used it as a personal masturbation rag. Whether you want to wear it yourself, place it under your nose, or cum into it, you better bid on it before someone else does!


As part of my 2020 Valentine’s Special, for a limited time, you can buy this top and other items ~25-50% off from their normal prices, which includes the shipping, through Ebanned. In this case, the bidding starts at $50 (half-off!).


IMPORTANT: I currently only ship within the United States. Shipping is included in the price.


View all of worn clothing for sale here.

wearing a tank top with no bottoms



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